Champion Spirit

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Champion Spirit

Champion Spirit


Our concept

Champion Spirit is a philosophy of sport, a method and a solid grounding for lasting results. It is a choice of excellence.

It is above all a cosmopolitan project that can adapt to a modern urban lifestyle, promising an authentic, effective experience.

A method, a know-how and a spirit embodied by sports experts who are all champions in their discipline. We lead by example and hold an authority bestowed on us by our expertise. All this creates the foundation for the Champion Spirit method.

Our promise: the spirit of the Champions everywhere, all the time.

Our mission

To offer a 360° experience in an ecosystem combining sports, nutrition, technology, well-being, art and lifestyle. Champion Spirit is able to offer to both individuals and sport professionals a comprehensive support, thanks to our sharp vision of the challenges that exist in the sports’ market.

Champion Spirit now has two locations to provide you with a huge physical and mental challenge :

  • The Champion Spirit Academy, the first academy run by Sports Experts in Paris, located in the 7th arrondissement;
  • Champion Spirit Studio, located in the 3rd arrondissement in Paris.

These facilities are based on a educational approach where technology is used for both practicing sports and well-being.

Equipment with inbuilt technology, such as the IPB, the first connected punching bag and a collection of cutting-edge sports clothing and accessories have been developed to help everyone achieve their goals. To increase our strength even more, we have made the strategic choice to join forces with big retail partners such as Le Bon Marché, the Publicis Drugstore and Galeries Lafayette.

Champion Spirit is also the first sports consulting company, specialized in strategy development and facilities management for hotel groups and leisure companies. We develop turnkey visions for companies that understand the opportunities presented by the sports market. We set up Fitness & Wellness facilities all over the world.

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