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Champion Spirit



Discover the Circus Arts and Acrobatics at our Academy in the heart of the 7th arrondissement in Paris. Our Sports Experts will teach you the acrobatic arts of the circus through aerial arts, floor gymnastics and the arts of manipulation and juggling.

The circus is an art form, integrating live art, visuals and sound. It has its origin in gymnastics.

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    History :

The circus is a living art form whose very essence is to be seen for its sporting feats. The artist must show that he is unique. The spectator is an integral part of the discipline. They are always there, seeking out a great performance.

The art of the circus is a daring mixture of climbing, risk and falls, ambition, hope and resignation, arrogance and humility.

The ever-present element of danger is a unique feature of sport, as the risk of injury is always present. At its etymological roots, “acrobat” means “to walk along the edges”. An acrobat dices with death, and the staging leaves nowhere to hide – the public sees everything, there are no screens obscuring the performance.

The circus arts can be separated into different professions: dressage arts, aerial arts, acrobatic and balancing arts, clowning arts and manipulation arts.

Our Sports experts



Agility is the most intrinsic of acrobatic circus arts. It is the spectacular art of moving.


Balance is constantly under challenge in acrobatics, either by a change of position or a delicate walking surface. A masterpiece of this discipline.


The art of the circus is something intended to be seen. All movements have to stay in harmony, however complex. Flexibility adds a certain fluidity to an athlete’s choreography.

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