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Champion Spirit



The Champion Spirit Paris 7th Academy is delighted to be able to help anyone explore athletics through the experience of its Sports Experts.

Athletics is a group of disciplines that includes running, sprinting, middle and long distance running, cross-country running, hurdling, relays, jumping, throwing, combined events and speed walking.

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    History :

Etymologically, the word “athletics” comes from several terms in ancient Greek meaning “combat” and “competition”. Men competed against each other based on speed, strength, endurance and explosive strength exercises.

It is one of the few disciplines that subjects athletes to both individual and team events. Traces of the physical activity practiced by our ancestors across different civilizations can be seen through ruins, vases, paintings and writings.

The Aztecs tested the speed of their messengers by relays of 3 to 5 kilometers, creating an organized sports event.

In Greece, athletics was an institution, a principle of action, mixing political, religious and military objectives. Athletics was used to train soldiers in Sparta, to provide entertainment in festivals, to honor gods, heroes and distinguished guests. Gradually, this discipline became a way of life. Gatherings developed across the entire Hellenic peninsula, leading to Pythic, Isthmic, Nemean and Olympic games.

Our Sports experts



The essence of performance in athletics is speed. Speed is measured using a distance traveled in a given period of time.


Some events take place over a long period of time, taking into account the intensity of the effort, putting the endurance of athletes to the test.


Brute strength is a particularly important factor in multi-disciplinary and throwing events.

Explosive strength

Athletes work on their explosive strength in preparation for short-duration events requiring specific extension and springing reflex skills.

Team spirit

Individual strengths are not enough in relay events. Togetherness and a sense of timing are key to maximizing performance.

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