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Champion Spirit



Discover boxing, a discipline taught at the Champion Spirit Academy, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Book a boxing session with our Sports Experts.

Boxing is a combat sport in which two opponents of the same weight class and gender meet in a ring to fight each other wearing special gloves. They compete for twelve three-minute rounds, each separated by a one-minute rest period.

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Throughout history, the art of pugilism spread to all corners of the world. Records of it can be found in Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and Asia Minor. Boxing, which is currently enjoying a great surge in popularity throughout the world, is our modern-day version of an old sport. This particular model of pugilism took shape in the 18th century, borrowing many of its features from the ancient Olympic Games, with regular fights being held as a form of organized gambling.

The first champion of this discipline was James Figg, an English boxer. It is because of him that some countries refer to the sport as “English boxing”. Jack Broughton, his student, made history by winning more than 400 bare-knuckle boxing fights. However, it took a tragedy, the death of his last opponent, for demands for regulations to be introduced for a sport that had become too violent.

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Speed is a decisive factor in a boxer’s success. A good boxer must have the ability to deploy strong muscle power. Mike Tyson remains unmatched in this field.

Dexterity and sense of timing

These qualities are useful both for avoiding taking hits and for returning them. Muhammad Ali could dance in the ring through the blows received from his opponents. A champion mentality combined with a fighting charisma can win a fight before it even starts. For example, Jack Dempsey inspired fear through highly aggressive fighting.

Endurance and recovery

These are essential qualities in a timed fight and should not be underestimated. Everything is based around the ability to provide significant sporting effort over a long period of time while managing the pain inflicted by the blows coming from your opponent.

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