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Champion Spirit



The Champion Spirit Paris 7 Academy presents it members with the option of practicing Bozendo staff handling with its Sports Experts.

Literally meaning “the way of Zen through the practice of the staff”, Bozendo is a non-competitive martial art where students learn to fight with the Bô, or long staff. The aim of this martial art is to produce an harmonious development of body and mind, through the search for perfection in movement and fluidity in practice.

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    History :

The staff is without doubt the oldest tool known to man – a simple object nevertheless seen in so many symbols. In Rome, the stick was a symbol of supreme justice, carried by the lictors (Roman civil servants) accompanying the consul or dictator, who alone had the right to administer justice and to impose capital punishment.

The staff is also a physical embodiment of wisdom. Throughout the ages, wise men, elders and monks have all been depicted leaning on a staff.

Kings have also always symbolized their power with a scepter – an object also derived from the staff.

Bozendo is the mastery of the staff for martial arts purposes, bringing together two types of techniques: elements of European and Chinese fencing and Japanese striking movements. The staff can be turned down a more artistic route by transforming offensive movements in a choreographed sequence.

Our Sports experts



The correct way to approach Bozendo is to be comfortable and delicate in the execution of complex movements and in handling the staff.


Bozendo’s techniques are based on proprioception (the sense of self-movement, force, and body position), balance and dexterity.


You have be able to keep your movement in line with a complex choreographical pattern.

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