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Champion Spirit



Champion Spirit Paris 7 Academy can help you boost your cardiac system with Cardio-Training sessions given by our Sports Experts.

Cardio-Training includes all endurance activities that aim to improve the body’s cardiac and pulmonary capacity.

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Cardio-Training is simply a way of training the heart and forms the basis of all forms of physical training. Depending on objectives each person may have for their body, they will have to work at cardio-training. Only the intensity and regularity will vary.

Cardio-Training is very common in gyms, using a range of equipment, especially to quantify performance and translate it into scientifically meaningful information.

Training with instruments is achieved using what we know as ergometric machines. These machines are fitted with a heart-rate meter capable of reproducing sporting movements.

These tools make it possible to carry out interval training, alternating high and low intensity in the same exercise without stopping.

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Endurance is the ability to maintain a sustained intensity of effort over time. There are four factors involved: the heart, breath, muscles and willpower. Cardio-training is directly associated with the first two. Metabolism can also play a role in the mix. Dean Karnazes, for example, is unique. He cannot produce lactic acid. As a result, he can run without ever having to stop.


Cardio-training exercises provide a genuine gymnastics workout for a person’s general health, enabling to maintain their physical form, lowering their risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity and facilitating cell reactivation.

Explosive strength

It is impossible to talk about cardio-training without including the concept of explosive strength. This is precisely what enables you to work at very high intensity and get your heart rate up quickly.

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