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Champion Spirit

Muay thaï


Discover Muay Thai, a discipline taught at the Champion Spirit Academy in the 7th arrondissement, Paris.

Thai Boxing, otherwise known as Muay Thai, is a combat sport out of Thailand that uses standing kicks, combined with various clinch techniques (body to body). Dubbed the “art of the eight limbs”, it is known for its combined use of fists, elbows, knees and shins. Fights are preceded by the Wai Kru (salute to the trainer) and the Ram Muay (a ritual dance), followed by five three-minute rounds.

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Thai Boxing is an ancestral art dating back to the early 15th century in Thailand.

According to legend, after the death of King Sen Muang Ma in 1411, his two sons, Ki and Fang, wanted to seize power. Having failed to break a stalemate on the battlefield, they decided to settle their conflict in a duel. Each side cheered on by their loyal followers, Fang was defeated and Ki ascended the throne. His warrior fighting technique evolved into a discipline in its own right.

Fast forward to the modern day, this discipline has spread across the globe. In the West, it is known as kickboxing, as opposed to conventional boxing (sometimes known as English boxing).

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This discipline is just as much an exercise for the brain, with the participant getting an added dimension to their actions. With accurate, rapid decision making, the boxer acquires a fuller appreciation of their surroundings.

Drive and stamina

Determination, drive and courage are constantly challenged by this discipline. Buakaw Banchamek is the most famous practitioner of this sport in terms of mental and physical endurance.

Technique and speed

Thai Boxing requires real muscular flexibility, speed and great reflexes. Top of his game in terms of speed is none other than Saenchai.


Practitioners have to be able to deploy strong muscle power. Ramon Dekkers is embodies this sense of power in Muay Thai.

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