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The Sports Experts at the Champion Spirit Paris 7 Academy will be only too pleased to let you in to the secrets of Nunchaku.

Nunchaku is a martial art in which two helmeted opponents fight each other with nunchakus. The nunchaku is made of two octagonal opposing wooden parts linked by a rope or a chain. The aim is to get as many hits as possible.

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The nunchaku has its origins as a simple agricultural tool, but the inhabitants of Okinawa island started to use it for a very different purpose! In responser to the Chinese and Japanese invasions and without access to any other weapons, the Okinawans developed martial techniques drawing inspiration from their simple agricultural tools.

Bruce Lee movies introduced the Nunchaku to the world in the 1970s. In the 1980s, Pascal Verhille developed a method known as Combat Nunchaku, based on different styles practiced across the globe and aiming to use the weapon as effectively as possible.

Nowadays, Nunchaku is not only a martial art discipline. It can be practiced in three different ways. First in single combat, duelists are helmeted and fight each other armed with foam nunchucks. Secondly, the weapon is used in technical work with several partners. Levels of ability here are known as kata, like in ken-jutsu. The difference here is the use of wooden nunchakus. And finally we have a more artistic side to the discipline. With no ability levels or competitive edge, this is more a mastery of technique, using one or two nunchakus. More emphasis is placed on encouraging a spirit of openness and personal style as a performance piece.

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The correct way to approach Nunchakus is to be comfortable handling them and delicate in the execution of complex movements.

Motor skills

Nunchaku helps develop the coordination of gestures by forcing the practitioner to constantly focus not only on their own movements, but also on the attacks made by their adversary.


Its techniques are based on proprioception (the sense of self-movement, force, and body position), balance and dexterity.

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