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Champion Spirit



The Champion Spirit Academy provides the opportunity to practice and perfect Ittō-Ryū in the heart of Paris. Our Sports Experts will teach you Hokushin Ittō-ryū in a unique setting.

Ittō-Ryū, is a single-sword discipline – a classic, proud, essential style of kenjutsu for any skilled swordsman.

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Mastery of the sword in Japan takes various forms and has evolved over time, adapting to the needs and values of the age. Throughout its history and evolution, this ancestral art uses swords of varying lengths. Schools sprang up throughout Japan grouping together different techniques and claiming to perfect the art.

Hokushin Ittō-ryū emerged in the mid-19th century, marking the end of the Edo era. This unique sword school was founded by one of the last Kensei (sword saints), Chiba Shusaku Narimasa. The principle of this school is simple: to bring the swordsman and his sword together in an intensely synchronized way. It is a proven method focusing on simple and fast movements where all superfluous movements are prohibited.

Regardless of the type of sword – be it a Katana or a Wakizashi – the principles remain the same: simple actions combining quick offenses with unstoppable defense in a single move. The idea is to control of the central line in front of your opponent to dominate the combat. It stands as the signature of this Ryuha (art of the sword). This way of the sword has clearly contributed to the formation of modern Kendo.

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Patience and perseverance in the face of strength are the only weapons to achieve perfection in handling the sword.


It is by combining dexterity and intense training that the swordsman is able to reproduce very precise movements, as if the sword were an extension of the arm, eliminating all extraneous movement.


This single-sword school is based on speed of execution as well as choice of movement. Hokushin Ittō-ryū is essentially posture, muscle and strategy work.

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