Champion Spirit

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Champion Spirit



Discover wrestling, a discipline taught at the Champion Spirit Academy in the 7th arrondissement, Paris.

Wrestling is a combat sport in which two opponents fight each other with their bare hands, each trying to knock the other onto their back. A match takes place over 3 rounds, each lasting 3 minutes.

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Wrestling is one of the oldest sports on record, with the first authentic testimonies on wrestling dating back to the Sumerians, more than 5000 years ago.

The epic of Gilgamesh in cuneiform writing, sculptures and Sumerian bas-reliefs show the first wrestling competitions under the control of a referee, often accompanied by music.

For the Greeks, wrestling was a divine art and was the most important form of training for young men. Combatants fought naked after coating their bodies with olive oil and covering them with very fine sand to protect their skin from the sun’s rays or the cold of winter.

Professional wrestling took shape in France from the 1830s onwards, mainly at fairgrounds. The sport has grown more widespread today because it is closely related to another discipline, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This full combat sport puts into perspective the importance of solid wrestling expertise in order to quickly submit your opponent.

Wrestling also remains a full-fledged competition at the Olympic Games. It has a lot of similarities with boxing, especially through the use of weight categories and a gendered system.

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To perform well in wrestling, each fighter must be able to alternate between concentric and eccentric strength.


Like any martial art, wrestling allows some weaker fighters to compete against larger athletes. But technique is nothing without strategy. It is important to choose the best submission technique.

Analytical skills

A wrestler with a good analytical mind will be able to break free from a certain psychological hold and thus be able to reverse the potential outcome of the confrontation.

Mental strength

Mental strength is everything in wrestling. It is essential for a wrestler to maintain a fighting spirit in the most difficult situations.

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