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Champion Spirit



Explore yoga at the Champion Spirit Academy’s studio in the heart of the 7th arrondissement, Paris.

Yoga is a doctrine incorporating a set of traditional exercises of Hindu origin, seeking to make the individual at one with existence itself. Our academy offers the two following yoga plans:

Power Yoga

This is a modern style of yoga, focusing on strength, energy and endurance using dynamic asanas (body postures). It combines the best of two traditional styles: vinyasa yoga with creative asana sequences and ashtanga yoga with more demanding sequences.


Developed by Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Yoga is based on the fluid execution and synchronization of breath and movement. Sequences begin with five A sun salutations and five B sun salutations, followed by standing and floor positions. Physically demanding, Ashtanga Yoga is intended for more experienced practitioners.


Vinyasa Yoga is very athletic and creative. Adapted from Ashtanga Yoga, it also links postures with a sustained rhythm, varying the movement and coordinating it with breathing patterns. The beauty of Vinyasa lies in its variety. There is no set sequence to follow.

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    History :

Yoga is a word rich in meaning. In Sanskrit, “yug” literally means “union, yoke, method”. Its polysemy (multiple meanings) helps us to understand this thousand-year-old practice that maintains its essential role even in today’s society.

Initially an oral tradition, the first written collected works have been passed down to from an historical figure known as Patañjali. His works deal with the history of Yoga, its philosophy and depict traditional postures with great clarity.

“Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah” means “Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind”. Taught in yoga classes across the world, this phrase plays on the idea that the real challenges are to achieve clarity of mind, calmness and stillness of thought.

There are so many variations of yoga that it can sometimes be difficult for people to know where to begin. Since yoga exploded onto the scene in the Western world fifty years ago, a number of postures have been added and now form an integral part of the discipline.

Our Sports experts

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Calmness and stillness

Fatigue is not only physical. Resting the movements of the mind is beneficial to productivity.


Yoga helps its practitioners to ground themselves, both mentally and physically. Work deep muscles relieves pressure on the spinal discs and aids balance.


The range of movement develops muscle elasticity.


The postures and variety of movements repair and enhance articular movement.

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